Mr Q

Injury at Work After Falling From Ladder

Compensation - £260,250

Mr. Q had an accident at work in November of 2010 when he fell from a ladder causing a significant injury to his right foot and ankle.  Mr. Q was unable to return to his job of warehouseman. Julie Webb handled Mr. Q’s claim with assistance from Steven Webb.

Orthopaedic reports were obtained and Mr Q’s orthopaedic evidence was reinforced by a referral to a specialist in ankle surgery for an opinion. The opinion essentially was that at some point in the future Mr Q would require a fusion of the right ankle and was unlikely to return to heavy work, or work involving the navigation of rough ground, or work involving any significant amount of time on his feet, or on ladders.

Mr Q’s claim was compromised at a joint settlement meeting in June 2013 with an agreed gross sum for damages of £347,000.  The Claimant received 75% of that sum after a reduction for contributory negligence.