Samantha Singleton Parkes

Court Settlement Will Provide a More Secure Future for Samantha

Compensation - In the region of £4.5 million
Samantha, who has cerebral palsy, with her mother Gail

Baby Samantha Singleton-Parkes suffered injury shortly after birth in Colchester Hospital on 28 December 2003. She has Cerebral Palsy.

TSP issued proceedings against the hospital on Samantha’s behalf in February 2011 and in July 2012 at a joint settlement meeting the action was compromised (70%) in Samantha’s favour. The compromise was approved by the High Court on 30 July 2012.

During 2013 the value of the claim was assessed and in December 2013 a settlement agreement for a lump sum and periodical payments was achieved. The lump sum equivalent of the settlement is approx £4.5 million and this was approved by the Royal Courts of Justice on 28 January 2014. The amount is based on the estimated costs of Samantha’s future care needs.

The settlement provides a more secure financial future for Samantha Singleton-Parkes and comfort and reassurance for her mother, Gail. The family, who are from Brightlingsea in Essex, worked with TSP in their litigation against the hospital.

Mrs Singleton-Parkes said “I am pleased and relieved that we have finally reached a conclusion. Pursuing this claim on Samantha’s behalf has taken years of our lives – Samantha is now 10 years old – and has had a profound effect on our family. Although it happened a long time ago and has taken some time to resolve, it is still very raw. Samantha’s settlement may seem like a lot but it will all be needed to look after Samantha on a daily basis and to secure her future needs.

However, may I also take this opportunity to thank the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and the Children’s ward at the hospital for the exceptional care they have given to Samantha over the years since.”