Thompson Smith and Puxon is pleased to be a member of EUROJURIS International.

The objective of EUROJURIS is to provide companies, corporations, public authorities and private clients with direct legal advice and local representation worldwide.

EUROJURIS is the leading network of independent law firms in Europe, with members based in 650 different cities/locations inĀ about 50 countries, not only in Europe but worldwide. Eurojuris International represents about 600 law firms and 6 000 lawyers.

As a EUROJURIS law firm, clients will have access to a worldwide legal network, where their lawyer can either contact the appropriate lawyer abroad on their behalf, or provide them with the details about the legal practitioners they need to contact.

In addition, all EUROJURIS firms are defined by internal quality standards concerning fees, knowledge of foreign languages, promptness and confidentiality.

More information about EUROJURIS can be found here.