The TSP Family and Divorce Law team has two Solicitors who are members of the Law Society Family Panel and accredited Family Law specialists. They are Marcus Price and Alison Cantor. Alison is accredited as an Advanced Family Law Specialist.

For members of the public a guaranteed way of identifying a specialist legal advisor is to search for members of the Law Society accreditation schemes. Scheme members are approved by the Law Society as experts in specific areas of law. More information about this Law Society accreditation can be found by clicking here.

The schemes promote high standards in legal service provision and ensure that clients are easily able to identify legal practitioners with proven competency in given areas of law. They also ensure that scheme members maintain relevant standards of competency and expertise by means of periodic reselection, re-accreditation and re-authorisation.


Alison and Marcus advise clients on all aspects of private family law and are both able to offer a free half hour initial chat for prospective clients.